The Basics

Basic Stitches

First let’s learn about some of the most common stitches you will use for your crochet projects. Don’t worry, they are super easy and you’ll be able to master these in no time. Trust me, if I can do it I know anyone can.

Slip Knot

This is how you will begin every crochet project. Everyone has their own favorite method, but this is the way I do it.


When you see patterns this will commonly be abbreviated as ch 

This is the very beginning of your project. Essentially, the foundation of the rest of your work. The longer your chain, the longer your project will be. Keep in mind that it’s easy for me to say this is easy but that’s because I have been making projects for a while (though I still consider myself to be a novice) 

Slip Stitch

Some projects that you do will require slip stitches. You may need to use it in patterns like bags, some hats, infinity scarves and many more. It is a very easy and versatile stitch. 

Single Crochet

This is one of the most basic and beginner-friendly stitch. When first starting to crochet, you can use this stitch for just about any project. 

Double Crochet

Double crochet is another very common stitch you might use for items such as scarves, sweaters, or blankets. Another easy stitch with some practice. 

Half Double Crochet

A half double crochet stitch is just another type of stitch you can use for many different patterns. It creates a different look and texture to your finished project.