My First Few Duds

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So I mentioned earlier that when you are first learning to crochet it can be frustrating. Yes my friends, the struggle is real. I thought it would be funny and or encouraging to post some photos of my early creations. (My first few duds) Don’t ask me why I kept them… my only thought, I think, was that I put so much time and effort into these horrific items how can I take them apart? But I will probably use the yarn up sometime down the road so for now it’s nothing but a good laugh.

This one is my VERY first blanket….

My first few duds

My attempt at gloves that had I finished would have only fit Andre the Giant

The last item I didnt think to take a picture of or keep for that matter, was a single cup meant to be for a bralette. I was following the instructions but I soon realized that something was off. It literally turned into a cone! It looked like a cone Madonna would have worn in the 80s!