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No matter what kind of crochet project you work on, you will be needing essentially the same types of materials. But let’s take a moment and go into some detail about these. 


The most obvious materials needed for crocheting is yarn. The following are some key pointers to keep in mind. 

Pay attention to the weight of yarn you are using… it will be the difference between something like a summer tank top turning out perfectly or way bigger (and bulkier) than you intended. So it is important to take note of this in any pattern you are following. Size is different depending on yarn weight. Weight refers to thickness.

So when you walk into your local craft store, head over to the yarn section and are overwhelmed by hundreds of different yarns, keep this in mind. But Weight isn’t the only important thing to look for.  Also pay attention to what your yarn is made of. Different fibers will also affect the way your project will look like. Typically when following a pattern, it will tell you the type of yarn you should use for best results. To learn more about different types of yarn, you can go here.

Lately I have been in love with this Loops and Threads Charisma Yarn, especially the weight 5 bulky because I feel it makes beautiful items and whatever you are using goes really fast. Check it out on Amazon here

Crochet Hooks

Now you have your yarn and head over to the crochet hook aisle. Don’t freak out! On your ball of yarn you will see what hook  size is recommended. 

There are all kinds of different crochet hooks. Essentially, the smaller hooks are used with smaller weight yarn. Larger hooks are for the higher weight yarn. 

You’ll also notice that crochet hooks are made from different materials like metal, plastic, bamboo, etc. they also may have a thicker end to them for grip. Basically, I have learned that the type of hook you use is based on preference.

Lately, I have been using the metal hooks. I find the plastic ones to be too light whereas the metal ones I feel I have more control. But, depending on your budget, you can experiment on different hooks to see what works best for you as long as you have the right size for your project. 

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You can find the right crochet hook for any project on Amazon. 

Stitch Markers

These are very helpful when you are creating sweaters or shirts. You can buy these in the store but honestly, if you have safety pins, Bobby pins, or even scrap yarn laying around will get the job done too.

Darning Needle

A darning needle is for weaving in your ends when you have a finished product. These are cheap too and typically come in a pack of two.


This is an obvious one but…

You’ll need something to be able to cut your yarn at the end of a project. 

You can find a huge selection of crochet hooks and kits on Amazon. I find this one to be a great value. 

Overall, some materials are more obvious than others. Now you know what to look for when you go to the store or shop online for your first project!