How to choose the best yarn for your crochet project

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Let’s find out how to choose the best yarn for your project together!

I want to preface this post by reminding everyone that I still consider myself a novice to crocheting. However, I wanted to do a little research on the different types of yarn. There are definitely way more types of yarn than what I talk about here, but I thought I would take a moment to highlight some of the more commonly used ones and how to choose the best yarn for your project. 

When you decide on what you want to crochet, the next step is choosing what kind of yarn you will use. There are a ton of different yarn out there each with unique properties. It is important to choose the right yarn for your project for the best possible result. 

 Let’s start from the beginning. Yarn is made from fibers. A fiber could be the hair from an animal, man-made (synthetic), or plant-based. These fibers are then processed and spun to make yarn. Yarn can either be made from a single fiber (wool) or it can be combined with other fibers.  Some yarn may be blended for aesthetic reasons, for example, blending a super soft fiber with something more rough such as wool. Therefore, yarn has different types of properties that you should pay careful attention to. 

Types of Yarn include:

Wool – derived from sheep and is often used to make winter hats, scarves, or sweaters because of its thicker properties. Wool is very durable and warm, however, some kinds of wool can be rough or itchy on the skin. When choosing a wool yarn, you may want to look for something that is mixed with another fiber. Otherwise, it should soften over time. 

Merino Wool – Derived from the hairs of the Marino Sheep, this wool is super soft and is often preferred when compared to other types of wool. Be sure to check the label on your ball of yarn to see if it is suitable for machine washing. 

Alpaca –  This is considered to be warmer than wool and from personal experience, it is very soft! It is perfect yarn for winter attire. 

Fine-Weight Cotton Yarn – This yarn is typically used for shirts and tank tops. It is a good yarn to use for warmer weather seasons as cotton is typically light-weight and breathable.

Cotton Crochet Threads – thin yarn typically used for lace projects.

Acrylic Yarn –  this is a popular type of yarn to use because it is very diverse. Acrylic yarn also is inexpensive. So if you are on a budget, this is the perfect yarn for you. It is a decent alternative yarn for making hats and scarves as it is very durable.

Linen Yarn – Another great yarn for making summer items. It tends to be softer than cotton yarn and there is an added sheen. Some linen yarns are made with silk, which will give your finished product a nice drape to it. Linen yarn tends to be on the pricier range, but if you really want a high quality finished product, it might be just what you are looking for. 

Bamboo Yarn – An eco-friendly, yet also pricier yarn however, also very good to use for summer attire. Bamboo is made from bamboo grass and is aften blended with other fibers such as silk, cotton, or wool. If you are using this type of yarn though, you may want to check the washing instructions because often times it is suggested that it should be hand-washed. 

As you can see, there are so many types of yarn out there. There are obviously way more than the ones I pointed out, but I wanted to give you an idea of what types of yarn goes best with a particular project.