Easy Single Crochet Winter Hat

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Stitchin’TimeCrochet is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.
easy crochet winter hat

My next project is a warm and cozy winter hat to get you ready for those cold winter months. I have the video you can follow along with or, if you prefer, I have written out pattern instructions. Now, bear with me as this is only my second video tutorial should you watch it and follow along, I promise I will get better with more practice. 

To get started, I will be using a weight 5 bulky yarn by Loops & Threads Charisma which I have included the link here if you would like to purchase From Amazon. The exact color I am using is Arctic, however, this taupe would look really nice as well. 

As per the label on the yarn, it recommends that we use a size 8 crochet hook. 

Other materials that I will need for this project is a pair of scissors and a darning needle. 

Make a slip knot  and chain 26 

Once you have your 26 chains, this is going to be the height of your hat. You can adjust this size to whatever fits you by putting the end of your chain at the very top of your head and see how far down along the side of your head the chain goes. With this size of yarn, 26 chains work perfect for my head. You want to keep in mind that you will be folding some of the bottom over so be sure to factor that in to the height of your hat. 

Row 1 –

Skip the chain closest to the hook and single crochet into the second chain and every chain to the end of the row. You will have a total of 25 stitches. 

Chain 1 and turn your work. Skip the first chain and single crochet to the end. 

You will do this until you have enough rows that when you fold your work, it will wrap around your head comfortably. 

For this project, I made 37 rows. 

One your final row (in my case, the 37th) chain 1 and turn your work. 

Now you want to fold your work, making sure that your crochet hook that is attached to your work is facing you and on your right, and line your final row along with your very first row of chains. 

You are now going to join these ends together with (of course) single crochets. Remember to skip that chain one (the chain closest to your hook) and go into your first stitch and the very first chain you made and make a singe crochet. Repeat this to the end. So, even though you are joining together both of these ends, you should still have 25 stitches. 

Once you have joined your last stitches, you now want to cut a long tail from your working yarn. Keep in mind that you want it to be long enough so that you are able to finish your hat and weave in what is left. Pull your tail that you just cut all the way through your last stitch.

Attach your darning and weave that tail along the top of your work as close to the edge as you can get. Weave all the way around the top and go just past where you started. (or just past where you joined the two ends) 

Now, pull that tail so that the very top of your hat starts to close together. Once pulled all the way, secure the top of the hat by sewing back and forth where you just closed the hat. Be sure to sew back and forth enough times so that it is secure and won’t come loose. Grab a stitch somewhere in the middle and make a little knot to secure it. Cut the remainder of the tail. 

You will now have one more loose tail that you will need to weave in. Once weaved, you can knot that and cut the excess off. 

Flip your hat right side out, fold the bottom of it to your liking and there you go! You very own handmade crochet hat! 

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