10 Easy Crochet Project Ideas That Anyone Can Do

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Just getting into crocheting and want some inspo for your next project? Here is a list of some easy crochet project ideas that anyone can do. These ideas are meant to be fast and easy for even crochet beginners. 

Figuring out what to make next can be a daunting task. You search on Google or Youtube trying to find something that fits your level of expertise and it’s not what you’re looking for. Sometimes videos and posts that claim to be easy may not be the right fit for you at the moment. I have carefully put this list together with the beginners in mind. 

This is by no means meant to deter anyone from taking on a challenge. I am merely throwing out some fun beginner-friendly suggestions that are fast, fun and easy. 

This list is a mix of my own patterns/tutorials and other crafters. Because, let’s face it, there are so many amazing crocheters out there! 

Let's get started with your next crochet project

1. Crochet a Scarf

Scarves are the ultimate easy crochet project. If you’ve got just one stitch that you mastered, you can make a scarf. Also, if you use a super chunky yarn, you can whip up a bunch in no time! (Hello Christmas gift idea) You know the saying, practice makes perfect, and doing multiple rows of the same stitch is the best way to perfect a stitch. 

Check out these awesome tutorials:

Infinity Scarf

How to crochet an easy infinity scarf 

This is my tutorial of a super fun and easy infinity scarf. I love this project because I can make about 10 (depending on how much free-time I have) in one day. make this as long or wide as you want. You are totally in charge with this easy crochet project. 

easy crochet project infinity scarf

Traditional Scarf

This beautiful traditional-style scarf is courtesy of 

Krista does a wonderful job on her patterns and this project is just one example. Instructions and everything else you need to know is right on this post. 

Moss Stitch Scarf

crochet project

Learn a new and simple stitch with this crochet moss stitch scarf pattern courtesy of 

Level-up your skill set and check out this great pattern. As you can see in the picture, the finished product is beautiful. And don’t worry, the crochet level is still for beginners. 

2. Hats

Easy Single Crochet Hat

easy crochet winter hat

This Easy Single Crochet Winter Hat tutorial is another super fast and easy crochet project. 

Oh I just love projects that are just one stitch. much like the scarf, you can make a bunch of these in no time at all! Follow along in the video tutorial or the written instructions right in the blog post. 

1.5 Hour Beanie

crochet project

Try this self-proclaimed easy and fast hat crochet project

Courtesy of

This pattern looks super easy and straightforward. The finished product looks amazing! Try it out and see for yourself. 

Easy Ribbed Crochet Hat

easy ribbed hat crochet project

Learn all about ribbing with this project courtesy of

The link takes you right to the pattern. This pattern looks yet again, very easy and beginner-friendly. 

3. Make a Blanket

Blankets aren’t exactly always a fast crochet project, but they definitely are very easy if you have the right pattern. 

I love making blankets… who needs to go to the store and buy one when you can make it yourself? Now, I will be honest here and say that whenever I embark on a blanket project, it is usually one of two or three other projects I’m working on. I like fast and easy projects and since blankets tend to take more time I like to multi-task. However, when you’re done with your blanket it is quite the accomplishment. 

Here are a few patterns to try out:

Simple Crochet Blanket

simple crochet blanket- crochet project

This blanket just oozes comfort doesn’t it? Courtesy of

Find the complete pattern in the link provided and give this project a try! As stated on the post, it is a one-stitch blanket which is perfect for beginners. 

Finger-Crochet Blanket

finger-crochet blanket crochet project

Want to try something a little different? How about finger-crochet? I tried this once with super bulky yarn and it was a ton of fun. This throw blanket pattern looks just as fun to make. 

Courtesy of 

Not only will you be crocheting with your fingers, but you might also be learning a new stitch with this pattern because it is a camel stitch (how exotic!) 


Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

easy crochet baby blanket

If you have any expecting mothers in your life, make a baby blanket for them. 

You can find the pattern at

4. Pumpkins

You read that right, I said pumpkin. You can crochet any size pumpkin in no time. This is a super fun and festive crochet project. At the time this post was written Halloween just passed, but pumpkins are a great addition to your thanksgiving decor too. 

Adorable Fall Crochet Mini pumpkin

crochet mini pumpkin

Courtesy of yours truly, this Adorable Fall Crochet Mini Pumpkin is such a fast and easy project. I have included the blog post link for you to make one now.

Large Crochet Pumpkin

Courtesy of

These pumpkins look amazing. Make these to go with your mini ones and display them around your house because who doesn’t love decorating for the seasons?

5. Coasters

Coasters are a great project for beginners because they are small. You can easily make a bunch at a time for a whole set. Make these for yourself or as gifts! 

Here are a few patterns I found that would be great for any beginner to try. 

Citrus Coaster

crochet coaster

This coaster pattern looks easy and beautiful. Courtesy of 

You can follow the pattern right on the page that I linked. Try this in different colors and really make it your own!

Square or Circle coasters

easy crochet coasters

Learn how to make different shaped coasters with these patterns by follow the link to go right to the pattern. 

6. Rugs

You read that right, you can even crochet your own rugs! I think this is awesome because if you have can crochet a blanket, you definitely can crochet a rug! they are very similar. Your floor could use some crochet flare right? (who’s doesn’t?)

give one of these crochet projects a try:

Easy Crochet Rug Pattern

crochet rug

This pattern by looks not only simple but they state that it is quick and easy. Who doesn’t love that? 

Check out the pattern in the link. I’m sure it won’t disappoint. 

Squishy Rug

chunky rug crochet project

Wow! Check this rug pattern out. If you love fast crochet projects, this one looks to be the one for you! This uses very bulky yarn that works up in a jiffy! 

This “Magically Squishy Rug” by is a must try. The best part about this pattern? They claim to make this rug in under an hour! 

7. Headbands/Ear Warmers

Yet another fun and easy crochet project. Ear warmers are a great project for beginners. My only qualm with this project is that it is important to get the gauge correct and to keep in mind that these stretch when you put them on. I found that making is slightly smaller works well. You don’t want an ear warmer that doesn’t fit your head! 

Easy Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern

crochet ear warmer

Here is a perfect ear warmer to try as a beginner. 

Get the pattern from 

The instructions are easy to follow and very informative. 

Twisted Crochet Ear Warmer

twisted crochet ear warmer

Check out the pattern at 

Everything you need to know to make this beautiful ear warmer is right there. 

8. Hair Scrunchies

Add some crochet to your hair ties. Scrunchies are a very beginner-friendly project and a super fun. You can really get creative with this project from the color and textures of yarn.  

Check out these great patterns:

Simple Crochet Hair Scrunchie

crochet scrunchie

Find the pattern to make this beautiful scrunchie by

Three Ways to make a Scrunchie

These scrunchies by look super cute and easy. Check them out and see what you think. 

9. Pillow Covers

Take an ordinary pillow and make it look amazing with an easy crochet pillow cover. You can instantly freshen up the look of your living room with amazing crochet pillow covers. 

Here are some patterns I think are perfect for beginners:

Crochet Pillow

This beautiful pillow cover is by 

Check out the pattern in the link. 

Simple Textured Pillow

simple crochet pillow

Check out the pattern at

10. Granny Squares

You didn’t think I would leave these out did you? When you think of crocheting, of course the infamous granny squares come to mind. These are really so cool because of how many different ways you can make them. 

You can do so many things with granny squares, you can use them as coffee coasters, make a bunch and make a beautifully unique blanket, or make a bag made out of granny squares. Honestly, make whatever you want out of them!

Basic Granny Square Pattern

basic granny square

find this pattern at and get making yours today!

Seriously Simple Granny Square

granny square

You can find the pattern at

Granny Square For Beginners

beginner granny square

Get the pattern at