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Come learn how to crochet with me with simple, easy to follow steps and tutorials.

This is my very first blog but I am super excited to share with everyone my journey with crocheting. My name is Bridget and I recently developed this passion for crocheting. Maybe its the fact that it recently became popular, or its a inner push to keep the memories of my grandmother alive within me. Regardless, here I sit hoping to teach the brand-newbies and learn from the pros.

Growing up, my grandmother was constantly creating some item of clothing for the family to wear. She mainly knitted, but she seriously could whip up a sweater or anything you wanted within a week and sometimes days. 

I never really appreciated the work that went into her creations until now. She and my mother taught me how to knit and crochet many years ago. But, with the help of my mom and teenage step-daughters, I have revisited this skill and have come to love it! But Ill be honest, the struggle can be real sometimes! As with anything new, it will take practice to get better and faster but trust me, it is worth it. There is just something special about finishing a project and seeing what you created. It really gives you a sense of pride.

My goal here is to learn with my readers and followers. I only got back into crocheting about 6 months ago so there still is a learning curve. But my hope is to post my videos and tutorials in a way that is conducive to learning the best. I LOVE learning new things and would really appreciate feedback so that I and everyone else can grow and learn together. So by all means, please everyone feel free to leave your feedback.

You can click here to check out The Basics page to start learning some of the easiest stitches. Be sure to check this page often as I will be updating it with new stitches to learn


So are you ready to get this show on the road? Without further ado, it’s Stitchin’ Time!

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Stitchin' Time Crochet Upcoming Project

It’s that time of year… now is the perfect time to start those Christmas projects. Over the next few weeks we will be making some fun and easy Christmas items. The first will be an easy Christmas stocking.